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The llanberis path up mount snowdon


Ability Over Disability

Using a newly designed and totally original powered mobility chair, to tackle the highest mountain in England and Wales with the least amount of support as possible and whilst doing so, create the first ever VR experience of ascending Mount Snowdon from a chair user perspective.

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The Problem

Accessibility within both rural and urban environments can be a huge issue to those reliant on manual and powered wheelchairs for mobility and their independence. Whilst more locations and venues are doing their best, the presence of a ridge across a doorway or step bigger than a couple of inches, at most, can result in it being inaccessible.

We are continually adapting both rural and urban environments around us, to suit our accessibility needs, which leads to development within nature and higher build costs. With our now being at the cutting edge of design and technology, surely we can develop a powerchair which overcomes some of the accessibility issues?

Project Rock Climber

The ultimate aim is to produce an all-new electric mobility chair concept, to help overcome some of the current accessibility issues and will provide freedom to real-world urban, and rural environments, leading to greater independence, improved equality and enhanced quality of life.


The objective is to provide a single design solution that vastly exceeds current electric chair offerings in terms of size, maneuverability, obstacle climbing performance, range of operation and desirability.


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