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Nick Wilson is the Disabled Adventurer. A Veteran turned Speaker and Content Creator, who's overcome the toughest and darkest of times to forge a new life with disabilities and experiencing thoughts of suicide. Whilst as a disability advocate, he raises awareness of and campaigns on Accessibility and Suicide Prevention

What I do

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"The happy memories we make during good times, become the hopes we cling on to during the bad"

Nick Wilson, Disabled Adventurer

Shine A Light

Every month I will be shining a light on one of the courageous guests I've had the honour and privilege to interview over the past year, for my new podcast, Lived Experience Chats.

This month I shine the light on Chris O'Connell, a business coach and mentor, host of the purpose-led leadership podcast, survivor of suicide and someone I am proud to call a friend. His values, resilience, strength and courage is what has gotten him through some horrendous experiences over the years and yet he has found a way to stand tall, head up high and live life.

Nick Wilson interviews the Minister of Veterans Affairs, Jonny Mercer MP at Whitehall for an episode of the Lived Experience Library
"When you discover a strong Purpose and Hope you truly believe in, the darkness becomes more manageable and you'll begin to feel like anything is possible"

Nick Wilson, Disabled Adventurer

Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson is a well respected, authentic and engaging speaker, who uses a mixture of his professional experience, training and knowledge, with the lived experience of having PTSD, a physical disability and surviving a suicide attempt, to deliver informed, inspiring and empowering talks, which always come with the message of hope.

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