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Lived Experience Library

Sharing people's stories of their lived experiences with Disability, Mental Health and Suicide to better inform society, inspire and empower people in similar situations or with similar conditions and showing reasons to believe in hope.


I'm creating the UK's first virtual library, featuring video and audio podcasts categorised into; demographic of individual, health condition and situation, empowering you to find the episode most similar to your own or people you know. The real power in people telling their stories is how authentic and relatable they are to individuals in similar situations and the more they have in common with the speaker, the greater a connection and the more value they'll gain, which is why, this isn't just any old podcast.

Please Donate

Wherever possible I film each epsiode in person. It helps the person feel more at ease, I can offer a greater level of support and makes for a more powerful connection, which comes across well to the audience.

There's a problem though, this method is expensive because of travel and accommodation costs, in addition to the usual expenses associated with creating and promoting professional podcasts.

I've funded the first 10 episodes through paid talks I provide and as the season is coming to an end, I can't afford to keep covering all the costs and as such, I'm hoping you might be able to donate a £few to help cover some of the costs?

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Alexa Young, CA

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